Between the Covers Bookstore relies on WonderDog for retail and back office computer network support because their service and expertise is exceptional. Because computer technology is a critical element in the daily operations of our store and the functions of our staff, I must have enormous confidence in our technical support service.

— Stuart Brown, Owner, Between the Covers Bookstore

Skills, Services & Pricing

Technical Competence

Non Geek Version - If it is related to a computer, PC or Mac, from a PDA smart phone up to mission critical servers, we can handle it. We have been helping clients in Telluride since 2002 and professionally since 1984. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, trustworthy and compassionate. We promise to take the time to thoroughly explain your technical situation in plain English and only advise what is in your best interest.
In Geek Speak, we are proficient in:

  • Virus Repair
  • Spyware Removal
  • Hard Drive Recovery and Data Loss Prevention
  • New system ordering and setup
  • Database repair
  • Servers, Exchange and other Small Business system support.
  • Hardware and Software Diagnostics
  • Networking and Network Repair
  • Computer Training
  • In Home Automation
  • PDAs, IPhone, Blackberry and iPods
  • Printer, Wireless Networking and Camera Installation
  • All Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Current Mac hardware and software
  • Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Custom Website Design and Integration – Through our sister company

and most importantly, helping people use technology better.


Onsite Technical Support - anywhere within 15 miles of Telluride without additional travel time. Onsite priority given to The Pack members. $125 per hour
Evening, Weekend and Holiday Emergency Technical Support (availability guaranteed for The Pack clients) $200 per hour
Travel Time outside of Telluride and Mountain Village area $50 per hour
Kennel Pricing – Most items flat rated. $100 per hour for other items. See The Kennel Page
The Pack Service Contracts:
-Unlimited Offsite Backup
-Priority Support
-Free email, phone and basic remote support
-Free rush status on all work in The Kennel
-One on one computer training for $75 per hour
Monthly Per PC/Mac
$50 1-2
$45 3-5
$40 5-10